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Hi, I'm Tommy —

Digital Project Manager,

at your service.

Specialising in web and print projects, content strategy and engaging, user-centred experiences.

Project Management & Digital Production

Turning ideas into effective, on-brand deliverables.

UX Writing &  Content Strategy

Crafting words and engaging audiences.

UX Design &  User Research

Using data to create the best experience.

Some of my work

How I work


In my world the glass is always half full. Setbacks are an opportunity for learning. And there's always time for a smile.


We really are better together. I empower teams and individuals to share and learn from one another to achieve the best outcome.


Successfully steering a ship takes a little planning. With to-do lists, my trusty squared paper notebook and Trello, I take on the world.

Let's have a chat and take it from there.