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As one of the UK’s most disruptive mobile phone networks, giffgaff has been shaking up the telecoms industry since 2009. 


They’re flexible plans and straight-talking nature have made them one of the most popular networks in the country.

High bounce rates on online help pages and a large volume of requests to the third party support team regarding basic user problems.
Improve the performance of the help pages by increasing self-service problem resolution.
  1. Limited development resource with a significant backlog
  2. A single HTML file used for content updates with no CMS


The results

Project details

Decision #1

Understand the problem

To get a full grasp on the existing situation, I reviewed the existing content and the Google Analytics data for the pages in question. 


I also consulted with the third party customer support team to get a list of the most common problems they dealt with. They also provided me with a list of priorities that they considered strong opportunities for self-service. 

Decision #2

Identify key user journeys

It was important to understand the user journeys, not just the pages in isolation.


I mapped out the journeys for resolving each main issue to be able to identify what we wanted the users to actually experience. Here I was also able to clearly determine the next best actions.

Decision #3

Present the initial plan

To get the stakeholders on board, I created wireframes for my proposed content, including a first draft of my suggested copy. I focused on short, direct messaging that would be easily scannable for the reader.


One key element for this project was the introduction of clear button CTAs. These would enable users to easily see what to do next, and be able to take action with one click/tap.

Decision #4

Overcome resource issues

Due to an extensive technical backlog, there was no development resource available to implement the proposed changes. 

Rather than waiting for months to get the changes live, I manually rewrote the HTML for the help pages and updated the system files directly.


After full QA testing, the changes were live within three weeks.

Some of the final

page designs

giffgaff help

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