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Tackling the shortage of affordable housing in the UK, Legal & General Affordable Homes is a property brand specialising in shared ownership and affordable property solutions. 

With a focus on addressing affordable living needs, they aim to become the leading private affordable housing provider in the UK.

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A newly diversified brand with limited online presence and a number of separate small websites for their existing portfolio of properties.


Create a brand-loyal website to act as the single, easy-to-use online platform for customers looking to buy shared ownership properties.

  1. Create an aesthetic for a sub-brand with its own nuanced style

  2. Amalgamate various websites into one place

  3. Future-proof the website for extensive expansion in the pipeline


Competitor research

UX design
Project management
In collaboration with

The results


Project details

Decision #1

Research the landscape

As my first project for a property brand, I took time to research the Legal & General Affordable Homes brand and review their direct (and indirect) competitors to understand the lay of the land.

A detailed kick-off meeting with the client was pivotal for me to appreciate what they liked and disliked about other property sites, which helped us quickly put together clear goals for the site.

Decision #2

Review the brand identity

Legal & General Affordable Homes is a sub-brand the very well-established brand Legal & General. This brought the advantage of having an instantly recognisable parent brand, but the challenge of creating a stand alone aesthetic.

Having open and honest conversations with the client allowed us to establish which visual elements and core values to maintain from the parent brand. From here we could create a fresh look.

Decision #3

Strip back the aesthetic

Working with an experienced UI designer, we decided that key colours and font styles would be the visual thread linking the new site to the parent brand.


We then opted to strip back other elements, we limited use of iconography and focused on clean, clear messaging and simple but effective page layouts to create a calm and engaging UX.

Using a single column design with the ability to showcase as many properties in a search listing as they like (using an expandable 'more' link to create a digestible experience for the user), the site is ready for Legal & General Affordable Homes's expansion.

Decision #4

Adopt a phased approach

During the first few weeks of the project it was clear the client had a growing to-do list ​for the site and a rapidly approaching go-live date. In order to honour the agreed launch date, I worked with the client to prioritise the features and functionalities.

With priorities in hand, we established a clear set of features that would be realistically achievable for launch (phase one). We then collated a second list for phase two to implement post-launch.


The result? A happy client, a happy development team, and a deadline met ahead of time.


The finished product

Legal & General
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