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What they say about me


“I wish I had a Tommy on every project. His ability to grasp an idea, run with it and execute a final creative that hits the spot is absolutely brilliant.”

Abi Pearl

Head of Advertising — giffgaff


“Tommy’s passion, curiosity and positive energy make him a brilliant leader - he’s an absolute star to work with!”

Marc Expósito

CEO & Founder — Bipolar Artist


“From day one Tommy hit the ground running. He immediately began adding value and went on to step change our whole business approach to content.”

John Oberlin-Harris

Head of Marketing —


“I've witnessed Tommy run engaging design workshops and implement valuable user testing — all with his unflappable positive attitude.”

Simon Middleton

Senior UX Architect — J.P.Morgan


“Tommy's digital experience massively helped us take content to the next level at giffgaff. And he bakes a mean brownie!”

Jas Deogan

Head of Content — giffgaff


“Tommy truly embodies the spirit of collaboration. He's great at managing stakeholders and bringing teams together to achieve impressive results.” 

Alison Esposti

Marketing Director — AE Consulting

Let's start with a coffee and go from there.

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