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The Hair Lab


The Hair Lab is a fusion salon combining unisex hairdressing and barbering in the heart of London's Vauxhall.

With a focus on providing a luxury experience, The Hair Lab's team of expert barbers and talented hairdressers provide personal consultations and a warm welcome to all their customers.

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A luxury unisex hair salon needing to attract male and female customers and improve online conversions.


Create a stylish, functional website that appeals to the audience and drives users to enquire or book an appointment.

  1. Creating a balanced visual aesthetic 

  2. Presenting content in a clear, digestible way

  3. Encouraging users to take action


UX design


Wix development

The results


Project details

Decision #1

Repurpose the existing platform

The client wanted to create a new online face for their business and had already created a very basic version using Wix. To keep to their modest budget and make the most of their existing account I opted to stick with Wix for the new site.

Decision #2

Design for the audience

The Hair Lab is a luxury unisex hair salon that started life as a barber shop and recently added ladies hairdressing to its roster. As a result, their new website needed to appeal to both male and female customers.

To achieve this I decided to embrace black and white as neutral base colours for the site. To complement the stripped back colour palette, a combination of colour and black & white photography continued the carefully balanced aesthetic.

Decision #3

Enhance the visual content

The client's previous website was almost entirely text-based. It featured a list of services and prices, along with the contact details. For the new site this all had to change.

Visuals are key for creating an emotional experience for the user. They're also key for building confidence in the brand. For the new site I focused on using lots of imagery. This included high quality photography of the salon and some of the staff, to add a valuable personal touch to the site.

Decision #4

Encourage engagement

The client doesn't just need a site that looks beautiful, they also need it to convert online users into real-life customers.


Therefore, it was important to offer easy navigation to help users explore the relevant sections of the site. And by promoting key actions, e.g. 'Contact us' and 'Book an appointment', we could directly signpost the user to convert with a click of a button. 


The finished product

Hairlab - Final designs.png
The Hair Lab
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